Gateshead Council Section 106 Agreement

Gateshead Council Section 106 Agreement: An Overview

The Gateshead Council Section 106 Agreement is an important aspect of the planning process in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK. This agreement is a legal obligation placed on developers to provide certain amenities or contributions to the local community as a condition of their planning permission being granted.

Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 allows councils to require developers to enter into such agreements to offset any negative impacts that their development proposal may have on the community. The agreement may cover a wide range of matters, including but not limited to infrastructure improvements, affordable housing provision, public open spaces, community facilities, and environmental enhancements.

Under the Gateshead Council Section 106 Agreement, the council takes into account the proposal`s potential effects on the community, social and economic wellbeing, and environmental sustainability before granting planning permission. The council may demand contributions from the developer towards infrastructure improvements, including new roads, schools, health centers, and public transport facilities. It may also require the developer to set aside a specific proportion of the development`s housing units for affordable housing or pay a monetary contribution towards affordable housing provision elsewhere in the borough.

The Section 106 Agreement is typically negotiated between the developer and the council before the planning permission is granted. The terms of the agreement are legally binding, and failure to comply may result in enforcement action by the council, including fines, injunctions, or public inquiries.

The Gateshead Council Section 106 Agreement has been instrumental in ensuring that new developments in the area benefit the wider community. For example, the agreement has facilitated the provision of new parks and green spaces, improved transport links, and enhanced community facilities. It has also helped to ensure that new housing developments are more affordable for local residents, thereby promoting social inclusion and helping to address the rural-urban divide.

Overall, the Gateshead Council Section 106 Agreement is a crucial element of the planning process in Gateshead. It enables the council to balance the interests of developers with those of the wider community and ensure that new developments have a positive impact on the local area. The agreement ensures that new developments contribute to the creation of sustainable, thriving communities in the borough.

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